I have finally merged my website and blog into one website web blog - Hodge Podge Studio at www.hodgepodgestudio.com. The new name of the site better reflects all of the different things that I do. I am still creating jewelry and selling it under the name of Magickal Dragon Designs--and having sold under that name for over 15 years, I wasn't about to change the name. So, if you see my jewelry somewhere it will still carry the Magickal Dragon Designs label.

However, in addition to creating jewelry and teaching jewelry making, I also do printmaking, bookmaking (the kind that involves pages not horses). And, my newest passion is miniatures. And, generally in my miniature work I am able to apply my various artistic talents--I just do things on a smaller scale. I have already developed a method for making silver clay trays, bowls, picture frames, trinket bowls and I am experimenting with lots of other ideas. I am already in the process of building a miniature printing press so that I can create dollhouse-size etchings. And, I also want to experiment a bit with fused glass miniatures.

So, if you would like to follow what I am doing and see the results of some of my experiments, please join me over at Hodge Podge Studio.
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